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May 04, 2016

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I contacted a representative from Colemom, makers of the controversial 1.5 person breastfeeding tent, to see what in all the hecks and dangs this was all about! To investigate why nursing moms needed to enrobe themselves in personal camping gear to hide a part of Nature itself from humanity, uh…themselves!

“We have no idea what you’re talking about. We’ve never heard of this… product? Please stop calling this number. We are not Cole…mom? I’m worried you may have injured your head or something, sir. Are you okay? Should I call 911?” said the sly corporate monkey who answered the phone.

HAH! The audacity! Threatening to call the police because of a simple inquiry or two or 18! We all know what all that really meant in corporate bulldook-ese! They’re basically proclaiming that people are revolted at being human and will go to any lengths (or at least pay $39.99) to block it out until we can become robots and rise up against the poor remaining few!!!

The foolishness! The madness!! The inhumanity!!!

There’s an old expression, in many languages, “don’t shhh…uh, don’t go poopsies where you eat.” Wise words! But, the reverse is too remember-to-breath obvious that it didn’t get a colorfully-worded saying. Think about it, though. How would you like to eat food where you sh…on the toilet? Or in a hot car, fitting room, back alley or abandoned cargo container!

I guess maybe breastfeeding women will be in the market for wearable breastfeeding tents as long humanity is dead set on becoming robots.

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