Father's Day!

June 06, 2017

Father's Day!

Father's Day is right around the corner.  If  you haven't had the time or the energy to pre-plan a huge daddy centric celebration never fear. Below are a few options which have a quick turn around option or you can do them at home.

Shrinky Dinks
Yes, you read that right, Shrinky Dinks for dad.  You can  trace your kids hand, put a hole in the palm and shrink.  These make awesome, very meaningful keychains.  Dad will always have his little ones hands with him.  Here is a great blog that explains how to do it; http://greyhouseharbor.com/diy-handprint-keychain/



Baby Carrier

 All new dads want to be included in the baby's care and with the Mission Critical carrier they have baby with them wherever they go.  What a cool dad carrier for those dads who want to wear but still look cool.  Here's the link to their website https://www.missioncritical.cc/products/babycarrier They even have a Father's Day Sale going on right now!


Custom Anything 

You can get custom anything on Etsy!  Some of the items we like are custom etched beer glasses, custom stamped leather goods (keychains, dock kits, belts, wallets) custom t-shirts, beer holders and anything else you could ever want for that special man you call dad.  Here is the link to the Father's Day recommendations from Etsy.



 The daddy we buy for is a hunter as are many other dads out there.  His favorite company right now is KUIU.  If aren't familiar with them they are committed to crafting the lightest, most advanced mountain hunting clothing and equipment on earth.  They have a great selection of layering pieces that can be worn individually or layers for better protection in the elements.  If your daddy is a hunter definitely take a look and pick a up a piece or two for him.  They have a quick turnaround on shipping and the prices are very affordable.  Here's their site KUIU.



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