Healthy Summer Snack Ideas for Your Littles

June 29, 2017

Healthy Summer Snack Ideas for Your Littles

Whether they’ve been splashing in the baby pool or zooming around on their itty bitty tricycles, long days in the sun make for hungry littles! And while you may be tempted to usher them inside to eat peacefully, there’s nothing better than handing out a cool snack while everyone enjoys the sunshine together!

And, if you’ve been on the hunt for some good ideas, you’re in the right place!  We’ve got some yummy items you’ll want to add to your summer snacks menu!

healthy summer snacks for your littles


Doesn’t the name of that alone make you do a little happy dance? Frozen treats and fruit -- total winning combination! Not only are these little pops healthy, but with the sprinkles, your littles will be super excited to get their hands on them.

Pro-Tip: Turn the pop-making into family fun! Make the fruit squeezer spread and put out some toppings and then let your babes design their own creations. Pop them into the freezer and send the kiddos out to play while the freezing magic happens. At snack time, each kid gets to pick out and eat their personally designed pop!

fruit squeezer banana pops

Find the recipe here.


Let’s be honest, we all love making easy treats. And these just might be the easiest snacks to make! Perfect for your tiny ones or your toddlers, these frozen yogurt bites will make snack time easy for everyone.

Pro-Tip: Buy different types of yogurt and freeze multiple batches. That way, they will be ready to go whenever you need them! Wahoooo!

frozen yogurt bites

Find the recipe here.


We all love a refreshing and cool popsicle during the summer and these nutritious summer pops for your baby are perfect! Not only do they use fruit (or veggies if you’d prefer), but they are easy to make ahead of time & store.

Pro-Tip: Use the fruit your littles find most yummy to ensure they enjoy their treats. If you make enough ahead of time, invite your neighborhood kids over for a popsicle party and watch them devour the incredible treats you’ve made for them!

nourishing summer pops

Find the recipe here.


Chocolate and fruit? Count us in! These snacks are perfect for little hands (and yours too, since you know you’ll probably be eating with the kids, haha!).

Pro-Tip: You don’t have to use only bananas for these. By changing up the fruits you can give your littles a change of taste! And if you’re like us and enjoy giving treats for eating well during their lunch or dinner, these are the perfect treat.

chunky monkey bites

Find the recipe here.

As you can probably tell, we are big proponents of fruit in treats! Healthy snacks are great for indulging in -- for our babies...and for us! We'd love to hear if you try out these treats, so don't forget to check back in with us! 

By Myra Aslam @ Bliss Creative

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