Meet Kristin Medina, Center Manager of Baby+Co. Charlotte

March 08, 2017

Meet Kristin Medina, Center Manager of Baby+Co. Charlotte

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do. Please include your business name and your role.

My name is Kristin Medina, and I’m the Center Manager for Baby+Company Charlotte. My role includes various administration coordinating and leading my teams (clinical and administrative) towards business needs and goals. My role also entails supporting our mamas in any fashion to ensure their pregnancy experience is everything they imagined.

What prompted you to get into this business? Was there a particular revelation or experience that compelled you to move forward with your plans?

Being pregnant with my daughter was an eye opener for me when it came to prenatal options in Charlotte. I felt as a mom-to-be that having options should have been a given. However, in the moment, I discovered that my options were slim. I hired a doula for my natural birth support and education, then found a hospital practice with Midwives. I had a beautiful birth in a hospital setting with my husband and doula at my side. I never could have imagined the empowerment and love I would feel all in this one setting. After my own experience, it became so important to me that every family knew their birth options, so when I found out about Baby+Company being a midwife led practice that collaborated with Novant, I jumped all over the opportunity to work to build this model.

How many years of experience do you have in either your business or the baby/mommy industry? And yes, parenting definitely counts!

I’ve been in healthcare for 7 years, women’s healthcare for 4 years and a mommy for 17 months.

What’s your favorite thing about working in the baby/mommy industry? What fuels your love for it?

My favorite thing is that I get to go to work every single day knowing I’m helping my community and support moms and dads as they build their families. My passion for moms and their healthcare drives me to be a better woman, wife and mom. Watching our dads fall deeper in love with their partner and the new life being built is beyond words. Hearing every birth story from our moms, dads and families brings me to my happy place. There is nothing more moving to me than to witness life being developed before my eyes and all the beauty that comes with it.

What baby/mommy product do you recommend the most? What are some of your other favorites? Why?

My number one product recommendation is mommy/daddy snuggles J I’d then have to say the Nose Frida, Aquaphor for diaper rash and a bottle of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc for mommy (post-delivery of course haha)

What is your number one piece of advice for new moms?

Enjoy every second of the life being built inside of you. Yes, everything is shifting and changing but the tough times are temporary and the good stuff keeps getting better. Remember your partner is pregnant too. They may not know how to be your everything during pregnancy, so GET A DOULA!

What would you say is the hardest part about being a parent? If you aren’t a parent yourself, what do you think is the hardest part?

Hardest part for me is knowing I can’t protect her every second of every day. Knowing that I may fail her in some capacity – that’s something that I wouldn’t be able to bare. Loving her so deeply and not knowing what to do with it, without literally putting her in my pocket every single day.

In your experience, what helps the most in the first 12 weeks postpartum?

Rest! Also, allowing your support system to help in every capacity, or if you don’t have a strong support system, letting the laundry and dishes go until you can find someone to come help. Go easy on yourselves, mamas.

Share your respectful insights on a hot button topic (bottle vs. nursing, co-sleeping, pacifiers, paternity leave, or any topic you’re most passionate about).

Breastfeed… or don’t. Sometimes us moms can’t produce or can’t produce past a few months. Don’t feel guilty for choosing sanity over stress. To me, the most important thing about parenting is that your baby gets the best of you, no matter if the best of you is a showerless, sweat pant wearing mop head. Stressing on being a “normal” breast feeding, swaddling, baby wearing, and perfectly put together mother isn’t going to replace your baby feeling loved. Create your normal and own it.

Leave us with something important, inspiring, funny, or wise. Be creative!

For moms planning to return to work, remember this when your maternity leave is over and the guilt attempts to seep in - your child will benefit in the long run seeing you work. For moms staying home, never forget there is no greater job than yours. Especially since there is no such thing as PTO for a real real real LOOOONG time….if ever.

When you deliver your baby, you are delivery a piece of yourself. You aren’t just giving life to them; you are delivering a piece of yourself. Motherhood is truly the beginning. You’ll be amazed at who you become.

Don’t try and conform your little one into who you think they should be. Discover who they are.




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