Mom Chat: Pregnancy in the Summer

June 22, 2017

Mom Chat: Pregnancy in the Summer

Being pregnant is challenging enough, but pregnancy in the summer can be a whole separate beast! Today, we’re chatting with some of our mama friends who either are pregnant this summer or have been pregnant during the insanely hot months before!

Keep reading to hear their tips, tricks, and inside notes on how to survive the heat while carrying a teeny one!

mom chat pregnancy summer

Let’s meet our Mama’s, shall we?!

Jaclyn: Mama to 4 beautiful girls! Jaclyn’s daughters are 7, 6, 5 years old, and she’s got also got a teeny little 5 month old.

Regina: Mama to a gorgeous newborn! Regina is currently 2 weeks postpartum and enjoying all the daily snuggles she can from her babe.

Sarah: Creeping into the last trimester of her pregnancy, Sarah is a teacher and a first time mama-to-be!

Marianne: Literally less than 3 weeks away from having her little girl, Marianne is right around the corner from becoming a first-time-mama!

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, let’s hear from our resident mamas on how they are handling the hot & humid days!

QUESTION 1: How far along are you in your pregnancy?

Jaclyn: I’m not pregnant now, but this time last year, I was 3 months along with my fourth babe!

Regina: I’m 2 weeks postpartum! Yay!

Sarah: A little more than halfway there -- 24 weeks!

Marianne: 37 weeks! Baby girl will be here in 3 weeks (or less!) which means I don’t have to spend the whole summer pregnant, hallelujah!

QUESTION 2: Is this your first time being pregnant in the summer? If yes, how are you keeping yourself healthy with the heat & warm weather? If not, how did you keep yourself healthy during the summer months?

Jaclyn: Nope! For my first daughter, I spent the entire third trimester in summer months and with my last daughter, I was in my first trimester during these months. I used to stay healthy by running errands early in the morning or later in the evenings so I could avoid the hot sun during midday. I also made sure I would eat & drink water before leaving the house! And when the summer days became blistering, I would sit in the pool to cool down, haha.

Regina: This was my first pregnancy and my first one during the summer months, so I tried to be very mindful of when I was going outside. In Texas the days are long and hot, so whenever possible, I would go outside only the mornings and evenings! During the hottest parts of the day though, you’d most definitely find me hiding indoors.

Sarah: Yes, it’s my first pregnancy! In an attempt to be healthy, I’ve been taking my dogs on walks in the evening whenever possible. I’ve also found that swimming is great during these months!

Marianne: This is my first time being pregnant -- and in the summer. I’ve been drinking a ton of water and trying to stay indoors as much as possible.

QUESTION 3: Do you have a favorite drink that helps keep you hydrated?

Jaclyn: I love coconut water to help keep me hydrated! And when I need to switch it up, homemade lemonade is a great alternative.

Regina: I have one of those mugs that keep drinks cold for hours at a time (it’s called the Orca!) and I am addicted to it. I put a ton of ice in there and drink super, super, super cold water all day long, haha!

Sarah: Flavored sparkling water is a must-have! I’ve really been loving the lime and grapefruit flavors.

Marianne: Water has been my go-to drink so far. Sometimes I indulge in a Gatorade, but I sometimes feel that makes me even more thirsty. Pregnant people problems, ya know? Haha.

QUESTION 4: What is a must-have summer food item to ensure you are staying healthy?

Jaclyn: As a pregnant person, I was always hungry! In an attempt to curb the hanger that could set in, I often snacked with protein bars and fresh juice. It helped me control my cravings until I could sit down to have a proper meal with the kids. I also found that protein shakes were super handy and they helped me stay fueled throughout the day. I also tried to avoid processed foods and refined sugars as much as possible.

Regina: Watermelon and pineapple! YUM!

Sarah: Watermelon and citrus fruit have been my go-to food items. Lately, I’ve been really obsessed with clementines too!

Marianne: Watermelon! And strawberries! And grapes! Basically, if you give me fruit, I’m happy and good to go.

QUESTION 5: Do you have any holy grail products that make being pregnant in the summer more bearable? 

Jaclyn: COSTCO. Seriously, bulk buy your snack food so that you don’t have to deal with the hanger pains, haha! I was a fan of Suja and Naked brand drinks too!  

Regina: My husband has speciality medicine that come with incredible gel ice packs. Being able to use those when I would feel really warm was incredible. They helped keep me cool even in the hottest times.

Sarah: I’m a teacher so luckily I’ve been able to stay home and dress comfortably since it’s been so hot. But I have learned that when going out, dresses are a total life-saver! They make it easy to look nice & put together, while also staying cool. And while not a product, I have also learned that in order to make pregnancy in the summer bearable, I need to really listen to my body! It’s so easy to overdo it in the heat, so giving myself time to relax when I’m tired has been key.

Marianne: Not really, unfortunately! But since this is my first pregnancy period, I am taking notes from the other mamas on what to remember for next time!

QUESTION 6: What is your favorite summer workout that keeps you fit without overdoing it?

Jaclyn: Walking is always a great exercise because it allows me to have conversations with others too! I also love doing yoga and found that with so many free YouTube videos for both pre and postnatal, that I could practice at home. Sometimes, the kids even join in on yoga-ing with me!

Regina: Evening walks with my puppy were great for staying active during my pregnancy!

Sarah: So far I’ve been really enjoying walking & swimming. I’m also hoping to take some prenatal yoga classes soon!

Marianne: I’ve been walking inside a lot! The building where I work is huge, so taking walks around indoors has been a great way to stay active without going overboard.

And there you have it, lovely pregnant friends! Grab some watermelon, a glass of water, and go for a walk to beat the summer heat, okay?!

Thanks ladies for sharing your pregnancy experiences with us. We imagine there are a bunch of other moms-to-be who are going to be using your tips for making it through these heat-filled days!

By Myra Aslam @ Bliss Creative

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