Relax & Reconnect, Baby Sea Turtles and Dinner on the Beach Part 2

November 16, 2017

Relax & Reconnect, Baby Sea Turtles and Dinner on the Beach Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1, here's a quick recap; we have been talking about the importance of spending time together with your partner sans kids.  It's important to reconnect and remember why you chose this person to have a family with.  My husband and I went to Le Blanc Spa Resort adult only all-inclusive getaway to do just that.  We arrived Sunday and spent most of the day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday relaxing by the infinity pool, pina colada in hand.  We did take time out for a wonderful catamaran tour, snorkeling and a couples massage.

Day 3 started unlike any other day there, we planned to wake up early but because of events from the night before (I fell dancing and broke my wrist, but that's another story for another time) I slept in a bit later.  Jeff got up to play golf with some of the guys.  I went down for our usual breakfast on by the pool but ended up heading to the beach after to join some girls we'd gotten to know.

I spent most of the day reading on the beach enjoying the breeze and yummy drinks that were delivered to us by our beach butler.  Jeff returned from golf mid-afternoon and together we walked the beach to find shells for the boys and see what it was like outside of the Le Blanc private beach.

We ended up back at the main pool bellied up to the bar with friends for the rest of the afternoon and shared a fun dinner at the asian restaurant in the resort with friends.  We decided to keep it low key since my wrist was swollen and go back to the room to enjoy a little Netflix.  Not a crazy night but it sure was relaxing.

Day 4 we got up early for the baby sea turtles!!!!!!!!  We did it, made it down with coffee in hand by 7:15am to see the resident turtle expert digging up the babies before they reached the surface.  It's a program that was started about 10 years ago to help the sea turtle population grow and thrive in the Cancun area.  Since the program started they gave grown the population exponentially and have educated many guests about sea turtles and the importance of the program.  She dug up 90 babies that morning with over 300 left to mature and hatch in the sand.  We were able to hold the babies!  Is there anything cuter than a baby sea turtle?  I think not...

There rest of the day we really did nothing... we swam in the pool, walked on the beach, enjoyed hanging out with new friends and drank tasty drinks.  But that night was an incredible one.  It was our last night there so we scheduled a cabana dinner on the beach.  But before dinner we got to help release the baby sea turtles!  It was a once in a lifetime experience to help a baby sea turtle find it's way to the water and watch it wash away to a new life.

Dinner was wonderful.  It was a 5 course meal with a surf & turf main course, champagne and beautiful views.  A great way to end our last night at Le blanc.

The final day we got up, packed and went down to one last beautiful breakfast.  We thanked all of the staff for such a wonderful time and bid them farewell about 11:30 to head to the airport.  It was time to head back to Charlotte to see our little men and share the shells, stories of sea turtles and gifts we bought.

All in all it was a time to relax, reconnect and remember why we chose each other.  It's hard when life gets in the way sometimes but always important to get back to that place.

I hope you are able to spend a few minutes, hours or even days with your partner especially as the busy holiday season kicks into gear.  If you need any recommendations for things to do or places to go please feel free to reach out!

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Meigan Alexander

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