Rothy's, The Best Flat For Pregnancy And After

April 26, 2017

Rothy's, The Best Flat For Pregnancy And After

Have you heard of Rothy's?  No?  It's a company out of San Fransisco who makes the new go-to flat.  Rothy's was started by two men, Stephen Hawthornwaite and Roth Martin, who were tired of seeing their wives in old flip flops and tennis shoes.  So they set out to create a sophisticated, stylish shoe that women could wear with almost anything. Their wives dictated that the new shoes needed to be not only stylish but comfortable.  

Not only are the shoes stylish and comfortable they're green too.  The threads are made from recycled water bottles and 3D knitted to create the upper portion of the shoe.  As awesome as a shoe made from recycled water bottles these can also be tossed it in the washing machine!

Now onto why these are wonderful for pregnant ladies and new moms.  I'll list my reasons below;

  • They're flats... need I say more.  
  • They are created with soft, forgiving, recycled thread that gives when your feet swell.
  • They are super cute!  Both the ballet and the point shoe come in a variety or colors and patterns (I have the gray came ballet)
  • They go with pretty much any outfit.
  • You can wash them!
  • You don't have to bend down to wrestle them on your feet. (A great alternative for moms to be in the summer)
  • And... again, they're flat.

When I was pregnant with both of my boys I so desperately wanted to keep my style as my bump grew.  We all know it's not just the bump that grows, so footwear was difficult sometimes.  If I had known about Rothy's when I was large and in charge with JJ in early June I would sported a cute red ballet flat instead of grungy flip flops.

Take a look at their website and find a pair that fits your style.  I promise you you won't be disappointed.  Also, follow them on social media at the hashtag #liveseamlessly 

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