Summer Activity Ideas for Your Littles

May 25, 2017

Summer Activity Ideas for Your Littles

It’s summertime and with the little ones at home, you need ideas on keeping them entertained! You’re in luck! We’ve rounded up some great activities that all of your littles — from toddlers to big kids — can enjoy. 

summer activity ideas for kids


As the temperatures soar, there’s nothing better than a few hours running around in the water. While the big kids can run around from one water activity to the next, your baby can enjoy the areas designed with them in mind. 

PRO TIP: Grab a basket, pack up lunch, snacks and drinks, and let the littles have a splash pad picnic!


Grab a pack of cheap balloons from your local dollar store & hook the hose up outside. Have the older kids help you fill up the balloons for their at-home water balloon fight! While the big kids are busy tiring themselves out, your little baby can relax in a backyard pool that is perfect for their size! 

PRO TIP: If you've got some time on your hands, you can fill up the water balloons and hide them around the backyard. Give the kids 5 minutes to find as many balloons as they can for their water war! After they run out of balloons, have them do it again until all the filled balloons are found. 


When the weather gets too hot for an outside day, it’s time to bring out the art supplies. Find some large white poster boards or long white art paper and watercolor paints! With non-toxic paints available (such as these), your baby can also enjoy the painting time with their big brothers & sisters. 

PRO TIP: If the weather is nice and you’re tired of being cooped up inside, grab some chalk and let the kids leave their mark on your sidewalks & driveways! Take pictures of their artwork and print it out to hang in their room. 


Who doesn’t love a good movie afternoon, right?! Ask your big kids to help you make a living room fort and then start up one of their favorite films. With a big bowl of popcorn to share, you and your littles are bound to enjoy some quiet bonding time! 

PRO TIP: Use a shoebox to create a big projector screen! Want to know how? Check out this easy DIY smartphone projector tutorial! 

By Myra Aslam @ Bliss Creative

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