Supplements You May Need to be Taking During Pregnancy

November 16, 2017

Supplements You May Need to be Taking During Pregnancy

Have you ever seen a mama-to-be fighting a cold while pregnant? You may suggest that she should pop a couple of Tylenol and get some rest, but taking unnecessary medication -- even over-the-counter “safe” drugs -- during pregnancy is often avoided by pregnant mamas. Knowing how medicines will affect the baby in utero is never a 100% sure thing, so instead of taking a chance, many women will tough out their small aches and pains using alternative remedies as necessary.

supplements during pregnancy

And while it’s important to avoid taking medicine that is not absolutely necessary, did you know that there are some pills that, as a pregnant woman, you should be taking? Let’s take a look into what some of our momma friends have been told to take during their pregnancies and the benefits they provide!


Yup, you probably saw this one coming a mile away. Even if you eat clean and healthy, it is likely that you are not getting all the nutrients your body and your baby need daily. Prenatal vitamins contain two crucial ingredients that many women don’t get enough of:

  1. Folic acid which helps prevent neural tube defects which are serious abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord. (Mayo Clinic)
  2. Iron which supports the baby’s growth and development. Having the right levels of iron can help lower the risk of iron-deficiency anemia which is a cause of preterm delivery, low birth weight, and infant mortality. (Baby Center)

Prenatal vitamins should be taken daily throughout your whole pregnancy!


We talked about the necessity of iron above, but for some women, the iron deficiency is even more severe than what a prenatal vitamin can help with. If your iron levels test low, it is very possible that your doctor will recommend a separate iron supplement for you to use during the remainder of your pregnancy.

While you might be tempted to skip out on it, here’s a lesson from one of our mom friends: “My doctor told me to take slow release iron. I did sometimes, but you know I’m busy, hah! Fast forward to birth and I ended up almost bleeding to death. I had to receive 4 pints of blood and that stuff is expensive! So, take that iron ladies.”

There it is, friends. Take your iron; and if you want to be extra smart, take it with some Vitamin C, which is known to improve iron absorption!


If you’re at a high risk for preeclampsia, you may want to chat with your doctor to determine if taking a Vitamin E supplement and/or baby aspirin would be beneficial for you. While studies conducted by the NCBI do not show that administering these medicines prevents preeclampsia, these supplements could help lessen the chances.


Whether you’re eating yogurt, drinking kefir, or taking a probiotic supplement, certain studies show that pregnant women who ingested a probiotic daily were less likely to test positive for Group B Strep infection. If you’d like to learn more about the studies that were conducted relating to GSB, check out this awesome article which explains the research conducted by the Obstetric Department of the China Medical University Hospital.

An important reminder: please remember that we are BettyRuth are not doctors! We simply strive to provide our mama friends with all the good information we receive from real moms around the world. Before you begin taking any supplements do consult with your doctor to determine what is healthy and beneficial for your pregnancy.

By Myra Aslam @ Bliss Creative

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