The Art of Dressing While Pregnant and Beyond

July 11, 2016

The Art of Dressing While Pregnant and Beyond

There is an art to dressing through the pregnancy process and beyond.  Most women get pregnant knowing they will eventually need to head to maternity stores.  This is not necessarily true if you're strategic about your wardrobe and purchases throughout pregnancy.  

The maternity stores made me depressed, they were ugly clothes that never fit quite right.  They either wanted to fully hide my bump or were tailored for another body type.  My first pregnant I really struggled with what to wear which impacted my attitude on a daily basis.  (My parents regularly called my husband to make sure his head was still attached to his body.)  I love fashion and I mean LOVE fashion.  So hating my closet and my body in clothes was a compete downer for me.

As my pregnancy progressed I found several lines that I could wear as I grew and after I had my son.  They made me feel more like myself, not everything had to be gathered on the side or empire waste.  The lines I found that worked throughout were Susana Monaco, Rachel Pally, Lulu Lemon, really anything jersey or stretchy.  I did however buy a few key pieces that I think everyone should have.  

  • Designer Jeans (You'll wear them with everything!)
  • Great pair of black pants (J.Crew maternity has a wonderful cropped pant)
  • Leggings

That's pretty much it.  I steered clear of buying maternity dresses because most dresses with stretch are able to get you through.  

Below are some of the looks that I rocked while pregnant in non-maternity clothes.

Susana Monaco (XS) top with skinny maternity jeans

Stretchy black tank (S) with a wrap skirt (OS)

Stretchy white tank (S) with a jersey skirt (S)

Long flow dress (S) with a fitted cardigan and belt

Stretchy black tank (S) with maternity jeans

I hope you feel inspired to curate your pregnancy wardrobe.  If you feel that you need help please let me know.  We are now offering wardrobe consultancy as a service.  Just shoot me an email and we can set up a Skype or FaceTime meeting.

Breastfeed Beautifully™!

Meigan Alexander

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