The Importance of Doulas & Lactation Consultants

March 16, 2017

The Importance of Doulas & Lactation Consultants

If you ask most moms, they are likely to refer to a period of time after their baby is born, known as the fourth trimester. Although it doesn’t relate to pregnancy directly, this time is important for mom and baby as they adjust to a new normal. In the olden days, learning how to care for your newborn was passed down from generations of women within families. 

However, as times have changed, so has our society. These days it is not normal practice for a woman to have her relatives be with her for an extended period of time after baby is born. And so, the use of doulas and lactation consultants has increased!

doulas and lactation consultants

How Does a Doula Help?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, a doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth. 

A few months before the birth, many doulas will spend time learning about the needs and wants of the mother. Doulas allow the mom-to-be to express any concerns they may have regarding labor and delivery. They also provide help in creating a birth plan that encompasses and empowers the interests of the mom. 

Although doulas are not able to administer any medical care, they provide their clients with techniques that help with everything from pain management, relaxation techniques, and laboring positions. After the baby is born, doulas often provide additional help in beginning the breastfeeding process.

Many women also employ the use of doulas post-delivery to ensure they are healing correctly and feel comfortable with their new routine.

What Does a Lactation Consultant Do?

Creating the relationship between a mom and newborn for breastfeeding requires…well, work. While some moms are able to naturally learn how to nurse their little one with no issues, many women need some help. Learning the proper techniques from a lactation consultant can provide the knowledge that is needed to ensure your breastfeeding journey thrives. 

If you’re in need of help, one of our favorite consultants group is the La Leche League! 

In a time where moms aren’t always able to lean on the older generations of their families fully, it’s important to ensure that they are getting proper information from trusted resources. With the help of doulas, lactation consultants, and postpartum counselors, there are many ways that a new mom can get the help she needs!

By Myra Aslam @ Bliss Creative

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