The Rise in Birthing Centers: Introducing Baby+Co

April 27, 2017 2 Comments

The Rise in Birthing Centers: Introducing Baby+Co

As a newly pregnant mama, one of the things you'll need to start thinking about is where you want to deliver your little one. While some moms prefer hospital births, many women are now opting for birthing center deliveries!

If you haven’t explored the option of a birthing center or need more information, you’re in luck! Today, we’re bringing you a special chat with Alice Ann Hermanson from Baby+Co. As a nurse-midwife, Alice is delving into what brought her to Baby+Co and how you can decide if you’re a perfect candidate for a birthing center delivery! 

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Question #1: What is your role with Baby+Co?

I am a Certified Nurse-Midwife and Family Nurse Practitioner at Baby+Company. Baby+Co is a national network of birth centers that offer pregnancy, birth, and well woman care that is truly built with women and families in mind.

I graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Master’s of Science in Nursing. During my time training as a midwife, I spent three months at Baby+Company’s first birth center site in northwest Arkansas! I also completed a rotation focused on pediatric and adult primary care in Brevard, NC. Additionally, I’ve received training as a birth doula, which helps me to better support laboring mothers in my current role as a nurse-midwife.  

Question #2: What piqued your interest in pursuing this career path?

I am incredibly passionate about the midwifery model of care. The fact that midwifery empowers women is what called me to be a midwife. I knew I wanted to be a nurse-midwife practicing in a birth center because it is the ultimate embodiment of the midwifery model of care. While I love the birth aspect of being a midwife, the bigger reason for me to go into this career is because of how midwives engage with women and their families. It’s personal and it creates a connection. It’s a relationship that last a lifetime. I knew that I would be doing something of meaning that helps people every day as a midwife.

Question #3: What sets Baby+Co apart from other birthing centers?

Baby+Company is a network of birth centers that works in collaboration with hospital systems, and this working relationship is huge. It allows us to ensure our moms have access to seamless, safe options and continuity of care in whichever setting they need – the birth center or the hospital. The other incredible thing about Baby+Company being a national network is its ability to continue growing this option across the country in places where midwifery is not commonplace. This is transformational for a country, like ours, that is still becoming familiar with nurse-midwives and the options they provide in birth centers. Baby+Company is changing the face of the Charlotte obstetric community by working in the way we do. I believe this is the beginning of a national shift that ultimately will lead to more options and better outcomes for families across the US.

Question #4: Who would be a good fit for using Baby+Co for their delivery?

Baby+Company is a great option for healthy women with low risk pregnancies who are looking for an alternative to hospital-based birth. Most women are healthy and can safely give birth outside the hospital setting.

However, there are certain medical conditions that increase risk and make the hospital setting the safest choice for mom and baby. This is where our great relationship with area hospital systems come in! Each Baby+Company birth center collaborates with a neighboring healthcare system, and in Charlotte, we have a collaborative relationship with Novant Health. Our midwives have hospital privileges at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center (just around the corner from the birth center). These privileges allow us to provide more options to our families if additional interventions are ever needed. If so, midwife, mom, and family would go to the hospital and facilitate delivery there.

Question #5: At what point in pregnancy should an expectant mama reach out to meet one of the Baby+Co midwives?

We can start providing prenatal care to women from the moment they find out they are pregnant to 28 weeks along and continue their care through birth and the postpartum recovery period. In addition, women can come to us before they are even pregnant and after pregnancy!

We provide well-woman services including annuals, pap smears, birth control, and pre-conception fertility counseling, in addition to our prenatal and maternity services. This is great for women interested in growing a relationship with their midwives before pregnancy or for those who are looking for a more holistic and personal option in all areas of women’s healthcare. We also offer lactation support and education classes that are open to all families in addition to those in our care. We can see women in every stage of life, and nothing brings us more joy than watching a woman’s life develop and her family grow and flourish. It’s why we do what we do.

Question #6: What is your favorite thing at Baby+Co?

It is a gift to work with so many strong, intelligent, driven women. The team I am surrounded by at Baby+Company is energizing and motivates me to keep working to make this care and option available to more women and communities. Our team made up of incredible women, as are the women and moms that are in our care. I am constantly amazed by their invested interest in their wellbeing and the development of their family.

Midwifery is going to change the face of maternity care in the country, and it is already changing it here in our city. It’s been an incredible ride being a part of Baby+Company Charlotte from the start, and I look forward to seeing how our community grows and changes in the coming years.  

Alice, we cannot thank you enough for shedding more light on your role and the incredible work you guys are doing at Baby+Co! 

By Myra Aslam @ Bliss Creative

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Carol Talbot
Carol Talbot

April 29, 2017

Congratulations on a fine interview explaining your role as a midwife. You are providing an amazing service to women. I love thst you are with a woman through the whole process, instead of her seeing strangers in a hospital setting. I know that your support and inspiration is invaluable to mothers-to-be and new mothers. Perfect career fit !


April 28, 2017

Baby+Company is indeed changing the way birthing centers operate! Alice Ann was on call when I went into labor with my daughter! She and Kathy, the nurse on call, manuvoured through procedural checks and monitoring during my labor with skill and also personal and companionate attention. She intervened when needed with such grace which helped me stay as relaxed as possible between contractions. It was important to me to have medical professionals attending me, but who also work alongside my husband, mother and doula as they supported me through labor. They have just about every (natural) birthing device available at their facility! Alice Ann and Kathy were superb! And when I needed to be transferred to the hospital to finish laboring (for precautionary reasons), Alice Ann personally walked me through the hospital halls, holding my hands and stopping to help me work through each contraction on the way. Because of the pre-established relationship with NOVANT, we basically walked right in and there was already a room ready for me! An hour+ later my husband and I welcomed our daughter into our family! And now, a year later, we still love popping in to say hello to Alice Ann and the Baby + Company team! I can’t recommend Baby + Company enough!

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