Tips for Beating Holiday Stress

December 14, 2017

Tips for Beating Holiday Stress

With Christmas parties, multiple rounds of cookie baking, and present wrapping galore, the holiday season is in full force! And while most of us enjoy the fun of spending time with family and loved ones, we all know how easy it is to find ourselves overly committed and entirely too stressed out. Throw a baby into the mix and it’s easy to find mama stressed out in the corner, binging on sugar cookie dough while trying not to lose her mind!

holiday stress

But, we’re here to share a few ways you can beat the holiday stress this year even with your little one around!

Saying ‘no’ is okay.

You’ll probably be invited to multiple parties, asked to help make food, or to show up to events that are well past the baby’s bedtime. And while your initial reaction might be to say yes, remember that it’s perfectly okay to instead say no. You know what works for your and your little one and when you’re both ready for some rest, be sure you take the time for it.

Order in or pick up some food.

The holiday season is busy as it is and sometimes, cooking is nothing more than an added stress. Take the time every week to order something in or to pick up your favorite pre-made food so that you can relax and enjoy a cheese Christmas movie in peace!

Divide and conquer.

Whether you ask your significant other for help or your family, be sure to take advantage of your loved ones being around. Letting them handle the baby -- be it for a feed or for a diaper change -- gives you a break! And we are all about taking breaks where we can get them, right?

Get enough rest.

This goes back to #1, but it’s important that you’re giving yourself enough time to rest. If you’re attending late night parties, be sure that you’re not scheduling yourself for a first-thing-in-the-morning-activity. While a good night’s rest if always important, it becomes even moreso when you’re busy running around day after day.

Eat good food.

We get it, you want to splurge and enjoy that extra cookie or piece of pie. DO IT. But also remember not to skip meals and eat nutritiously so that you can keep your energy levels up! And if you’re a nursing mama, you know it’s even more important to eat right so that your little one is getting the right nutrients too!

And if you do have to be out running around, remember that it’s perfectly okay to bring your babe out in their PJs along with their favorite blankie! The more comfortable they are (and the easier they are able to rest when they want to), the more time you get to relax and enjoy yourself!

From all of us at BettyRuth, we wish you the most wonderful holiday season with lots of yummy baked goods and no stress!

By Myra Aslam @ Bliss Creative

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