Tips for Traveling with Baby

June 01, 2017

Tips for Traveling with Baby

While family vacations are a fun idea, implementing such a trip can be absolutely mind-boggling. But, lucky for you, whether you’re taking your vacation by plane or car, we’re sharing some of our tips and tricks to make your trip a fabulous one! 

traveling tips with baby


While it sounds daunting, airline travel with a little one can be way less stressful than you might think. Let’s dig into how you can make that happen!


  • If you’re traveling internationally, your little one will need a passport! In case you haven’t already had one made, be sure to do this well in advance of your trip.
  • While the desk agent may ask if you want to check in your stroller and/or carseat, you can bring them with you to the gate and check them there instead! Usually this is easier as you can pick them up right outside of the plane upon arrival!


  • Did you know that you are permitted to carrying breast milk, juice, and canned food through TSA for your baby? Learn more about the special procedures that have been implemented for children 12 and under! 
  • If your baby is in a carrier, remove him/her before going through security!
  • Some airport security requires you to fold up the stroller and put it through the x-ray machine. Be sure to ask a TSA agent before you start putting everything on the conveyer belt.


  • If you have time before boarding begins, change your little one’s diaper. It’ll not only give baby a clean feeling, but it eliminates one diaper change during the flight. 
  • Families who need assistance or are traveling with children are given priority boarding! If you show up after boarding has already started, you can still join the priority line. 
  • If your flight looks full and you don’t need your carry on, ask the gate attendant if they can check it through for free! One less bag = one less worry! 


  • It’s best to nurse or give your little one a bottle as the flight takes off (and as it lands) to help with ear pressure! If baby is sleeping, however, do not wake them up to feed. Y’all know the saying — “Never wake a sleeping baby!” 
  • If your little one is over 6 months, be sure you’re also bringing along snacks and toys that will keep them entertained! We’ve found that bringing a new toy or something that baby hasn’t seen in a while helps keep them busy for longer. 

If you’re debating on the best time to take a flight with your baby, we recommend going when your baby is still an infant! During this time, they are likely to sleep more and need very little entertainment. Less stress is always a win! 


A road trip sounds like it might be easier than a flight, but we think you’ve still got to be well prepared. Let’s talk about how you can do that! 


  • Have you ever changed a diaper while in the car? It’s not very fun! We suggest giving your baby a change right before you set off so that they are comfortable during the ride.
  • Cars can get cold with the air conditioner on, so make sure baby is dressed comfortably and you have a blanket on hand.
  • Don’t forget to bring snacks, milk, and toys to keep baby entertained! 


  • While you might be able to take a full 5 hour trip without a single stop, be sure you’re giving your little one a chance to stretch their legs. Find a rest stop or a gas station and let them free from their carseat!
  • If your little one becomes fussy, go sit with them in the backseat! Sometimes seeing Mom or Dad near them is all it takes.
  • Make sure your little one is staying hydrated. Sometimes they get too busy playing and too much time goes by without any water or milk! Ensure your little one is drinking enough liquids to stay comfortable for the trip.

While traveling always incites a little bit of anxiety, don’t let it keep you from taking the trips you want to be taking! Take Uncle Scar’s advice and just be prepared! Happy travels! 

By Myra Aslam @ Bliss Creative

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