USA vs Europe: Pregnancy Norms After Finding Out You're Expecting

February 16, 2017

USA vs Europe: Pregnancy Norms After Finding Out You're Expecting

Think back to when you found out you were pregnant. What were some of the first things that you did? Did you immediately hunt for the best gynecologist? Pick baby names? Plan out the nursery?

In talking with some friends who live abroad and then reading multiple articles, we’ve come to find that the way we handle pregnancy (from the get-go) in the USA is quite different from the way it’s handled overseas!

usa vs europe pregnancy norms


In the US, once you get the positive on your pregnancy test, you can schedule to see your doctor as early as 7 weeks. This appointment is used to confirm the pregnancy and allows you to ask any immediate questions you may have.

However, across the ocean, it is standard practice to wait until 10 weeks before seeing a doctor or midwife. 


While the US allows for elective C-Section if the mom asks for it, that is not the norm in Europe. C-sections are normally only provided if there is a medical need for it! Speaking to one of our friends who lives in Holland, she noted that Dutch women will attempt natural birth even if the baby is breech!


If you ask women in the US, chances are many of them have intentions to sign up for birthing classes, such as Lamaze. Many of these women likely also have birthing plans ready to discuss with their doctors. While this trend is in Europe, it is not as prevalent. Many women opt to take a go-with-the-flow approach and allow the birth to come as it may. 

In talking to our friends overseas, we’ve heard that by putting less stress on how they think things will go during their labor and delivery, the more readily they are able to adapt to the ever-changing situation. 

And this is just the beginning of the differences between the USA and Europe when it comes to how pregnancy is handled!

Stay tuned to BettyRuth as we explore some of the other major differences between USA and Europe when it comes to the progression of pregnancies & labor and delivery!

By Myra Aslam @ Bliss Creative

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