BettyRuth™LLC, established in 2014 by Meigan Alexander, as a clothing line that caters to breastfeeding moms. We design tops and dresses that are attractive and fashion forward with easy access for moms who want to feel "normal" while continuing to breastfeed. We think moms should be able to have the freedom to breastfeed without having to center their wardrobe around it.

The owner of BettyRuth™, Meigan Alexander, is a graduate of NC State school of Design with a bachelor's in Art and Design with a focus on fabrics. After graduation she entered the advertising world which took her to Washington DC, NYC and back to Charlotte NC. After having her first child she quickly realized that there were very few attractive clothing options for breastfeeding moms. This became even more evident when returning to the workforce and trying to pump multiple times a day. Meigan and her mom (a self taught seamstress) thought "there has to be a better way". She started thinking back to her design school days of problem solving with fabric. Just like she had done with many clients through her years in advertising Meigan decided she needed to solve the problem. She worked with a local pattern maker to design a product that not only looked good, but gave her discrete access to breastfeed or pump in any environment. The mall, lunch with friends, date night, the office, weddings, church, traveling, all places or situations she he'd been in and needed to feed her son. Now with the development of the tops and dresses she has the access to do so.

Meigan named the company after two of her biggest supporters, her grandmothers. Both grandmothers were glamorous, strong, beautiful young women who embraced life as mothers but who also didn't let being a mother define them. Unfortunately only Ruth is still with us but she is in love with the thought of leaving a legacy of strong beautiful moms. She hopes BettyRuth™ helps empower breastfeeding moms while making them feel as beautiful as they truly are. Being a new mom is a tough road, BettyRuth™ hopes to help make the journey a little more glamorous. Breastfeed Beautifully!
Breastfeed Beautifully

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