BettyRuth Baby History

The History of BettyRuth Baby


What first started as a breastfeeding fashion line has since developed into a one-stop resource for all things baby and nursing.

The fashion line was birthed out of frustration. The same frustration you might be feeling! The lack of selection in fashionable nursing attire was astounding to Meigan, the founder of BettyRuth. After 9 months of lending our bodies to another human, we’re anxious to get back to ourselves. But if you’re nursing, your options are limited. Once again, you find yourself surrendering to necessity, compromising your style and your wallet. 

Meigan realized this when she traveled home from a girls’ trip to NYC back in 2014. Flying solo, she wore a black fitted dress, boots, and a jacket. When she arrived home to Charlotte that evening, her family picked her up and they went straight to dinner, her sleeping son in tow. But when JJ woke and saw her, all he wanted was to nurse. Suddenly, Meigan regretted her choice of outfit.

But what if a woman could stay true to her style and be able to nurse discretely?

That’s when the idea for BettyRuth Clothing hit her. Meigan tapped into her design background and teamed up with her self-taught seamstress mother. The pair contacted a local pattern maker and got to work on her mission: to develop a product that looked great and provided quick and discrete access no matter the environment.

It wasn’t long after that Meigan started being a beacon of comfort and hope for new moms. Having submerged herself in the baby and nursing world, she’d accumulated a wealth of knowledge that positioned her as an expert on all things baby.

Partnering her passion for fashion with her new passion to help moms rediscover the woman they once were brought BettyRuth into a new light. A problem solver at heart, Meigan found great joy in coaching new moms through the transition into motherhood.

She’s here to remind you that your body was made for this. Your mind was made for this. And your breasts were made for this.

Strong and glamorous women influenced Meigan from the beginning. Both of her grandmothers, Betty & Ruth, were beautiful young women who embraced their lives as mothers but never let it define them completely. Ruth still shakin' and totally in love with the idea of leaving a legacy of a strong, beautiful mom. Sadly, Betty has since passed but leaves a legacy of elegance and southern charm.

Being a new mom is tough, and it’s Meigan’s hope that BettyRuth can help make your journey not just easier but a little more glamorous, too!



Breastfeed Beautifully

Whether it's information about your registry, breast pump advice, breastfeeding prep, lactation support or in-house help for those first few chaotic weeks, you'll find what you're looking for here. 
BettyRuth is in your corner.
BettyRuth™ Baby Concierge is your one stop resource for all things baby from bump to boobs.

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